All You Need To Know About Tandem Trailers Brisbane

tandem cage trailers brisbane

Before deciding between single axle and tandem trailers Brisbane, you need to consider what type of cargo you are hauling and how often and for how far. Your decision will be much easier when it comes to weight only, and the axle trailer doesn’t have the capacity.

How often you tow the load should also play a role in your decision, as more towing means more damage to your towed car. You also need to know how many kilometers you expect for the same reason – longer distances will affect your towing vehicle, trailer and overall traffic safety.

Tandem semi-trailers are suitable for carrying heavier loads, and you can easily find one on two sets of wheels. These models have two axles close together and additional wheels that help distribute the weight of the load. Tandem trailers are perfect for handling heavier loads and offer higher loads than singles.

Initial Investment and Cost of Upkeep

Single-axle trailers are shorter than variants with a tandem axle. They are usually smaller – the axle trailer has only two wheels, but the tandem has four. Over time, tandem maintenance is more expensive because you have to replace wheel sets and other components and hardware, such as bearings. On the other hand, tandem grooves are less exhausting because weight distribution is more widespread.

Tandems are also more expensive when paying tolls because you pay by the hour. In addition, they are heavier, so they are also less grateful for long distances.

Maneuverability on the Road and at Home

Single-axle trailers are known to be easier to maneuver. You can easily return it to narrow corners and small spaces, so this may be your preferred choice if you have limited storage space in your garage or shed. Their handling also applies to roads – it is easier to go through sharp turns to pull the axle than a tandem.

Safety on the Roadways

On the other hand, tandem materials are known for greater road safety. The load is stronger and better balanced because the weight is distributed over two sets of wheels. In addition, tandem semi-trailers are generally required to have brakes on all four wheels, while semi-trailers alone do not generally have this feature.

If a tire explodes in your tandem like a trailer, you can stop it, change it and continue on your way. It’s harder with an axle trailer. Choosing between a single or tandem trailer requires consideration of the cost of the safe. For those who want to save money, a single may be your choice, but if you know you need to lift heavy weights regularly over long distances and want to be as safe as possible, consider a tandem. Visit Austrailers Queensland for more towing tips and advice on single or tandem trailers – our team of professionals will be happy to provide you with our industry expertise.


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