An Overview of the Angel Juicer 5500 and What You Need To Know

Angel Twin Gear Juicer

If you’re looking for a high-quality juicer that produces a high yield of the healthiest, most nutritious, and delectable juices, you’ve come to the right place. When looking for high-quality juicers, you’ll come across a plethora of brands and claims. The Angel brand offers juicers of unrivalled quality, crafted with the finest materials and cutting-edge technology to achieve maximum yield and nutrient retention. The angel juicer 5500 is an excellent choice for results that only the Angel Juicer can deliver at an affordable price. It is made of food-grade stainless steel and has a stunning appearance and build quality.

The Design and Construction Quality

If you’re looking for a high-quality twin gear juice extractor at a low price, the angel 5500 is the way to go. The stainless steel twin gears rotate at a quiet 86RPM, providing incredible strength and the ability to extract juice while retaining the maximum amount of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Semi-Industrial Design

The semi-industrial design can withstand high pressure, allowing you to achieve excellent results with vegetables, fruits, seeds, and even nuts. Compared to other premium juices, the precisely engineered twin gears combined with the powerful motor and slow rpm provide a 30 per cent increase in juice volume. Super angel juicer researchers have tested their products for bacterial growth resistance.

What Exactly Is Angel Juicers?

The angel slow juicer company was founded in 1982 in Korea by Mr Moon Lee. Set out from the start to design and build a juicer capable of extracting the highest quality juice while focusing on healing illness and maintaining optimal health. After his health journey, he advocates for juice fasting and using food as medicine.

Why Does Angel Juicers Exist?

The angel cold press juicer is designed for juicing enthusiasts who have premium quality. The quality of the machine, but even more importantly, the quality of the health-promoting juice. Many people say the juice tastes smoother and better than any other juicer they’ve ever used. Nothing beats the angel juicer for green leafy vegetables like kale, celery, parsley, or wheatgrass!

Angel Cold Press Juicer

Good Investment

The super angel 5500 juicer is a good investment in both your health and the money you will save due to the dryer pulp and increased juice volume. The Angel yields the best-tasting, highest-quality juice, with the driest pulp and the most significant volume. It is simple to use and clean, and it is intended to be the only juicer you will ever need.

The Reason Why You Will Adore It

Angel Company has continuously improved and upgraded their angel juice extractor with new technology since their inception, even though the basic design from the outside has remained remarkably similar. To extract the most high-quality, healthy juice from various vegetables, fruits, and seeds, use either food grade 304 stainless steel or surgical grade 316 stainless steel in gear. You would adore a Super Angel Premium Deluxe juicer machine.

Reverse Button Function

There is a manual reverse button on the angel juicer Angelia 5500. When it becomes overloaded, it emits a beep and shuts down. At that point, you must manually push the reverse button, which will instantly release pressure from the sieve.

Where to Get the Best Quality Angel Juicer at Reasonable Price

Are you looking for angel twin gear juicer then look no further? Wellness United is an Australian company which provides this juicer at affordable price. Get yours from them now.


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