Benefits Of Wearing Extra Wide Fit Shoes For Wide Feet

Extra wide fit shoes

Extra wide fit shoes are designed to provide comfort and support for people with wide feet. They can be a great option if you’re looking for comfortable footwear but don’t want to compromise on style. Extra wide fit shoes have become increasingly popular in recent years and account for around 20% of all shoe sales in the UK.

That’s because they offer some unique benefits over standard-fitting footwear – especially if you have large feet or have struggled to find shoes that fit well in the past. So what exactly are these benefits? Read on and find out.

They Are Designed For Comfort:

Extra wide fit shoes feature a wider toe box, which is the area between your toes and the end of your shoe. The extra space means that it’s easier to move your whole foot around inside of them, giving you more comfort when you walk or run. Some people with bunions have reported that they can wear these types of shoes without pain!

Extra wide fit shoesAdditionally, because they are made from soft leathers and fabrics (as opposed to stiff synthetic materials), they conform better to your feet over time. It also makes them more comfortable than regular shoes with standard widths would be after years of use.

They Offer An Improved Fit And A Little More Room In The Shoe:

Extra room in the shoe can make all the difference. If your feet are not just more comprehensive but also more extended, then a wide-fit shoe will be too big around your toes and heel. However, you may still have extra space in other shoe areas that weren’t designed for your foot shape.

In narrow shoes, there is no room for any movement, so every step is painful as there are no joints or hinges to absorb impact. With a medium or standard width fit, however, there is more flexibility between your foot and shoe, allowing some movement which reduces pressure on sensitive spots like the instep, arch and ball of foot area.

You’ll find that extra room in the extra wide fit ankle boots gives a comfortable fit and wide feet will feel less restricted by having more space around them – making your shoes easier to get on too! You also have much weight distributed across fewer bones than if only one or two small areas were affected, which means pressure points don’t hurt as much because they are spread out over an area. It makes them ideal for people with foot problems such as bunions, corns or hammer toes who need some.

They Give People With Wide Feet The Ability To Wear Stylish Shoes:

When you wear extra wide-fit shoes, you ensure your feet are protected and comfortable. Also, choosing the right pair of different wide shoes for your feet can help improve several issues related to posture.

  • The extra space in the toe box allows for more room between your toes and the front of the shoe. It helps people with high arches feel less pressure from their foot as it comes into contact with the ground during walking or other activities.
  • The wider toe box also provides better support for people who suffer from bunions by giving them more room to spread out their toes instead of smashing them together inside cramped shoes, as many others do! That means you get less pain when walking around all day long too!

They Come In A Variety Of Styles And Colours To Suit Everyone:

Whether you’re looking for something to wear at the office or on a night out, extra wide fit flat shoes come in various styles and colours to suit everyone. They come in different wide-fit ankle boots, flat shoes, high heels and pumps, so there’s no need to worry about being unable to find the perfect pair for you.

For those who want to add sparkle and shine to their outfit, extra wide-fit shoes come in various styles and colours to suit everyone. They come in different wide-fit ankle boots, flat shoes, high heels and pumps, so there’s no need to worry about being unable to find the perfect pair for you.

Extra Wide-Fit Shoes Have The Potential To Completely Revolutionise Your Life:

  • They Are More Comfortable: the extra room in the toe box provides space for your toes to move and spread out, thus reducing the chance of blisters that can occur when wearing shoes and boots too tight.
  • They Are More Stylish: they come in various colours, shapes, materials and styles so you can find something to suit you.
  • They Are More Affordable: extra wide fit high heels have been on sale for years, but as they continue to grow in popularity, their prices have dropped significantly over time, meaning there’s never been a better time to buy an extra wide-fitting pair!
  • They Are More Durable: because they’re made from more robust materials such as leather or canvas, they’ll last longer than regular shoes, which tend to wear out quicker due to being made from cheaper materials such as rubber or plastic. It means less money spent on replacing them every few months!
  • They’re Environmentally Friendly: most people don’t consider this aspect when shopping for new footwear, but it’s true. Wearing wider-fitting footwear has many benefits, including reducing landfill waste since fewer material needs to be used up during the manufacturing process compared with standard-size products.


We hope this post has helped you understand some of the benefits and disadvantages of wearing extra wide-fit shoes. While they are not always suitable for everyone, they can be an excellent option for those who need a little extra space. They are also ideal for people with wide feet that want to wear stylish shoes but cannot find anything comfortable enough in regular sizes.

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