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black wine pegs in Sydney

We all know that wine is not just about drinking it but also serving it. So when you want to help your wine style, you must choose the right accessories. That’s where this black wine pegs Sydney comes in! These unique pegs do an excellent job of ensuring a tight fit between cork and bottle, which means there won’t be any leakage around the edges. The best part? You can always count on getting what you need from us because we have different sizes available to suit your needs!

Black wooden wines pegs are use to ensure a snug fit for the cork and bottle.

The peg is making with wood, not just wood—it’s made from ash trees. Ash trees have a very close grain, so they provide an excellent surface area for gripping onto your cork. When buying these pegs online, look for companies selling them in bulk quantities (such as 30 or more). This way, you can save on shipping costs by ordering more than one package at once!

They are construct with Ash trees and then experienced an 18-month drying process to remove the moisture.

You might be surprise to find out that these wooden wine pegs come from ash trees, but not just any ash trees. Ash trees are select for their tight grain and then dried for 18 months in a controlled environment to remove moisture before being cork. This drying process makes the wood suitable for corking, which is why it’s use in these pegs. The drying process also ensures that your wine stays fresh longer, with no risk of oxidation or spoilage – perfect if you keep your wines around for years!

Wooden pegs are made from ash trees because these provide a close grain that makes them ideal for this purpose

The wooden pegs are construct from ash trees because these provide a close grain that makes them ideal for this purpose. A tight grain prevents leakage, which is essential when storing your wine in glass bottles. You will find that other materials such as metal or plastic have a looser grain and therefore won’t prevent leakage as well as wood.

The shape of the pegs is cylindrical, increasing the surface area that comes into contact with the inside of the bottleneck

It helps you remove your wine effortlessly without spilling any drops on your table or floor. With this feature, you can be sure that no wine will go to waste or spill over when using these pegs to remove corks from bottles and open them up again after making room for a new batch.

That’s why it’s so good at preventing leakage around the edges of the cork

The black wine pegs Sydney is an essential part of any wine bottle. They ensure a snug fit for the cork and the bottle, keeping it in place during transport and storage. That’s why it’s so good at preventing leakage around the edges of the pin. Black wine pegs are constructing from ash trees, which have dried for 18 months before cut down into cylindrical shapes ready to be use as black pegs.

Depending on your needs, we also have different sizes available to you

The size of the peg depends on your cork and bottle size. In general, there are three types of pegs that we use:

  • Wine corks with a diameter between 20 and 40mm (0.78 – 1.57 inches)
  • Bottleneck diameters between 20 and 50 mm (0.78 – 1.96 inches)
  • Bottle caps with a diameter between 10 to 35 mm (0.39 – 1.38 inches).
  • Black wine pegs must be precisely correct, or they will not work.

Black wine pegs are cylindrical and have a high surface area to ensure that the cork and bottle fit snugly. They are constructing from wood, specifically ash.


Black wine pegs are the best choice for anyone looking to keep their wine fresh and tasty. They are made from ash wood, which is ideal because it has a close grain that offers greater surface area than other types of timber. It also absorbs moisture more effectively than its competitors. So you don’t have to worry about leakage around the edges of your cork – this means less waste and mess! Why not check out Wine Rack Factory selection today if you think these pegs might suit you?


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