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Difference Between A Solar MPP And MPPT Inverter

MPPT solar inverters differ from standard string inverters in that they use a maximum power point tracking system, which increases the efficiency of photovoltaic modules. This means that you don’t have to worry about your panels being underpowered or overworked; instead, the solar MPPT inverter adjusts itself to ensure that your solar installation gets everything it needs.

How Does The MPPT Solar Inverter Work?

A Solar MPPT inverter is an inverter that can increase the energy output of your solar panels. It does this by increasing the voltage and current from your panels, which allows you to harvest more energy from them. In addition to expanding the power your system produces, MPPT solar inverters also help protect your investment in solar panels by extending their lifespan.

An MPPT solar inverter is pretty simple: it constantly monitors each panel’s incoming voltage and current. It then uses that information to determine how much power should be extracted from each panel to maximize its output while maintaining safe levels of voltage regulation. If you have older or damaged panels on which there are no longer any available maximum points, an MPPT will still try its best to extract some usable power.

MPPT inverterThe Basic Components Of An MPPT Solar Inverter Are A Charge Controller, DC To AC Converter, Battery Charger And Battery.

The basic components of an MPPT solar inverter are:

  • Charge controller: The charge controller monitors and controls the battery charging process. It prevents overcharging batteries and reduces the voltage from AC to DC when required.
  • DC to AC converter: This component converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). It transfers power produced by the solar panel or wind turbine into a form that can be used by your appliances in your home or business premises.
  • Battery charger: A battery charger typically has three stages: bulk, absorption and float mode. In bulk, it delivers constant current at high voltage until there is sufficient charge in the battery cells; then, it switches to absorption mode, which gradually reduces its output voltage as more energy is taken from them. Finally, it goes into the float stage, where it maintains that state indefinitely without needing additional power input from another source. Such as an external energy source or generator since its output matches exactly what connected devices need on average, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year without any fail!

The MPPT Solar Inverter Uses A Charge Controller.

The MPPT solar inverter uses a charge controller to keep the voltage at the level needed to get the maximum power. The charge controller is the brains of the system and controls both the maximum power point tracker and battery charger. The charge controller makes an MPPT solar inverter different from an MPP solar inverter.

An MPPT Solar Inverter Has A Maximum Power Point Tracker.

MPPT solar inverters have a maximum power point tracker that adjusts the DC to AC conversion so more power can be absorbed during battery charging.

This is especially important if you’re using solar panels directly connected to your battery bank and want them to last as long as possible.

MPP Solar Inverter

An MPP solar inverter converts DC power from solar panels into AC electricity to charge your batteries with renewable energy from the sun. It’s a key component of any solar system because it takes DC power and converts it into usable AC electricity for your house or business.

The solar inverter is placed between the panels and the batteries to convert your panel array’s direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). The inverter then sends this clean, safe power out through an electrical outlet or load centre where you can plug in lights, appliances, or other electronics that need electricity.

Pros And Cons Of MPP Solar Inverter


The bonus of an MPP solar inverter is that it has no roof-mounted charge controller, which means no holes in your roof. This saves you money on installation costs and the hassle of hiring a contractor to install the solar inverter. Not only will the installation process be more straightforward, but it’ll also likely be cheaper since there’s no need for a roof-mounted charge controller or any wiring through your attic.


The major downside of an MPP solar inverter is that there is no maximum power point tracking, meaning less power will be absorbed by the battery. For example, if your solar panels produce 40 watts per square meter and have a 20-watt battery pack, you can only use 20 watts with an MPP solar inverter. Meanwhile, the MPPT solar inverters would be able to absorb all 40 watts into the battery.

The good news is that most people don’t need maximum power point tracking to get optimal performance out of their system; this system usually works fine without additional equipment or components. But suppose you want more performance out of your home energy set-up than what an MPPT solar inverter offers (or want to save money). In that case, it may be worth upgrading your equipment before installing any new devices onto your roof or balcony!

MPP Solar Inverter VS Solar MPPT Inverter

The Solar MPP inverter may initially seem like a good choice since it is cheaper. However, this is only true if you use the DC output to charge your batteries and do not need AC power. If you need AC power, the Solar MPPT inverter will perform better than the MPP inverter because it can be used for many different applications, including powering your home.

Additionally, suppose you want to use your system for more than just charging batteries. In that case, MPPT solar inverters will work better for you because it can provide more power from each panel and produce less heat in operation, which makes them last longer overall!


While there are many differences between the MPPT and MPP solar inverter, MPPT Inverters Solar will give you more power and is also easier to install.

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