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Easy Ways To Install IKEA Wine Rack Brisbane

IKEA wine rack Sydney is a great way to store your vino collection, but they need some assembly. Fortunately, you can install them with the help of this simple how-to guide!

Instructions for IKEA wine rack

The first step is to remove the dowels from the top shelf board. This will allow you to attach the bottle holder to the underside of this board.

Next, set your top shelf board onto your shelf supports. You can now slide your bottles into place by aligning their bottoms with the holes in your new centre support and then setting them on their sides so that they are about 1/4 inch apart from one another (this will keep them from falling).

Once your bottles are in place, it’s time to attach the dowels back onto the top shelf board. You can do this by using a hammer and a nail set to hammer small nails into each hole on the underside of your board (this will help prevent your bottle holder from slipping).

Once you have your bottles in place and your dowels attached to the top shelf board, it’s time to attach the bottle holder to your supports. To do this, hammer a few nails into each support and then set this piece of wood onto them so that it rests securely between them.

IKEA wine rack SydneyStep 1

  • Remove the dowels from the top shelf board.

To remove a dowel, insert a pair of pliers or a flathead screwdriver into one of the holes and gently twist it until it comes out. If you want to reuse your dowels, mark them with a pencil, so you know which ones are for what shelf.

You will want to measure the distance between your bottles, then cut a piece of dowel slightly shorter than this measurement. Slide your dowel through the holes in your bottle holders and attach it securely with glue or screws.

When using a drill, it’s essential to ensure that the dowels fit securely before attaching them. If they don’t work, use sandpaper or another method of smoothing out the hole until they do.

Step 2

If you can’t find a way to attach the bottle holder directly to the back panel, consider drilling holes into your wine bottles and then screwing them now into the shelf board.

This is an easy solution if you have a drill, but be careful when drilling glass! If you need a drill, or if drilling seems like too much work for this project, look for an alternative that doesn’t require you to use sharp tools around bottles of alcohol (and glass in general).

Once you have your marks, drill pilot holes for each end of the dowels using a 1/8-inch drill bit.

If you’re using a masonry bit, drill pilot holes for each end of the dowels using a 1/8-inch drill bit.

Insert one end of each dowel into the holes and tap them home with a hammer. You can use a wood block to protect your work surface from scratches while wiping on the dowels.

Step 3

  • Put the board on the shelf supports.
  • Align the board with each end.
  • Make sure that the board is level and square.
  • Put on top of shelf supports, which creates an L-shape with three shelves and four sides, each side eight inches wide by eight inches high.

Step 4

Set three bottles on their side on a flat surface so that their necks are about 1/4 inch apart.

In this step, you will place your IKEA wine rack Melbourne on the wall. First, you must ensure it is level and secure before proceeding to the next steps. Do not place anything against or near the wall until it is secured correctly!

Next, use an electric drill with a 6-inch bit and drive screws through each mounting hole into the studs behind it (if you’re unsure whether there are studs behind your sheetrock or plaster walls). Then screw the brackets onto those studs using drywall anchors if necessary—or just rely on those sturdy screws alone if there’s no question about whether they’ll hold up underweight!

If you’re using the corner shelf, now is when it will pay off. You’ll want to place the board against the corner of your wall and screw it into place, making sure that it’s firmly in place before attempting to attach anything else.

If you’re looking for an easy solution, consider using Velcro to attach the wine bottle holder to your wall or shelf board. This will allow you to easily remove it when you’re not entertaining.

Step 5

Place one of the dowels you removed earlier in a hole at each end of each bottle. Then put all three dowels horizontally into a drill chuck and tighten it down as far as possible.

This will keep them from moving around later on when you add glue to the inside surface of your wine rack and then press it onto your wall.

Once your dowels are secured in the drill chuck, you can start drilling holes into your wine bottles. The best way is to use a cordless drill with a masonry bit with a carbide tip. This will give you a very clean hole and prevent any cracking or chipping of the glass.

You should also wear eye protection because glass can be very sharp and dangerous. Your drill should have a variable speed setting so that you can control how fast it spins the bit. Start with a low setting and gradually increase it as you get used to how your drill works.

Step 6

With your drill still set to a slow speed setting, take a moment to make sure the bit is positioned at an angle of approximately 45 degrees as you begin drilling into each bottle. Once you’ve made sure everything is in order, begin drilling into each bottle at regular intervals around the circumference of the glass. Make sure that you go deep enough so that when it’s time to insert your screws with hooks, they’ll be able to penetrate through both layers of glass and wood without having any trouble.

Once you’ve drilled all the holes, take a moment to clean the inside of each bottle. This will prevent glass dust from getting in your eyes and causing irritation.

Once you’ve cleaned the inside of each bottle, take a moment to place your screws with hooks into their respective holes. If you’re using a small drill bit, this may be difficult at first. However, once your screw has penetrated through both layers of glass and wood, it should stay in place as you continue to drill around the outside of each bottle.

Section 7

  • Put a screw into each of those holes, using your fingers to push them all the way through so that they come out on the other side of each bottle but stop short before going too far into those holes on that side — just enough that you can grab them with pliers once they’ve gone through your bottles this way (this will be easier if you have someone hold up each bottle while you do this, so there’s no pressure on either side).
  • Attach the shelf board to two studs or wall anchors by attaching screws from inside the back panel, attaching each screw firmly in place with one hand as you use your other hand to guide it back and forth until it reaches its final position somewhere within about 1″ of where it is now (you may want some help doing this part).


If you follow these instructions carefully and are careful with your measurements, the IKEA wine rack Brisbane will be very easy to install.

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