For A Quick Start, Opt For A Lithium Cranking Battery

lithium cranking batteries

Batteries are necessary, particularly in automobiles, as they serve as a starting battery to ignite an engine. Upgraded cars provide a more comfortable lifestyle, and we now have wheelchair-accessible homes in the form of RVs, campervans, and a full-fledged boat outfitted with all modern amenities. People who try it enjoy staying with them for months, if not years, with all the supporting features. This necessitates energy conservation. Solar energy is the most cost-effective & environmentally friendly option, and lithium batteries can store energy for later use. While there are many different RV batteries to choose from, there are several benefits to using a lithium cranking battery.

RV Cranking Battery:

Battery power is required for an RV owner to perform even essential functions such as operating jack support for RV parking & slides. The lithium cranking battery also helps power the RV’s lights, pump water off the grid, and keep the fridge running when it’s on propane, and using a small 12v solar battery can save a lot of money. In addition, when operating off-grid, the battery is used to ignite a water heater and furnace. That is why we use our batteries in RVs for various purposes.

RV Battery Types Include:

RV batteries are classified into three types, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, which are as follows:

Lead-Acid Battery:

The lead-acid battery is the traditional battery widely used battery for RV power. This battery is the least expensive option. However, the downside is complex, necessitating constant monitoring and ventilation to avoid gas and corrosion issues. Traveling at higher speeds necessitates more fuel consumption. Because of the lower output depth, lead-acid batteries have shallow life cycles for about a year, which means more space and weight for your RV. If you try to exceed the emission level by 50%, the sulfation process will reduce battery life.

AGM (All-In-One) Battery:

Sulfuric acid and flammable silica are used in the AGM battery or Gel cell. There is no need to keep them as simple as lead-acid batteries, and you can install them wherever you think makes sense. These rechargeable batteries require a charging charger, which charges the batteries quickly, and there is no need to check the water filter or low air pressure again. Because they are closed and thus do not require special care, these are also known as glass mat batteries.

RV Lithium-Ion Battery:

The essential advantages of lithium RV DCS batteries are their discharge depth, ensuring 100% efficiency. It means that a 100amh lithium battery will provide 100-ampere hours. Other benefits include a lightweight and slippery design, ideal for RVs and campervans. Lithium batteries are intense cycle batteries with thousands of life cycles and regularly provide a deep discharge level.

Where To Buy Deep Cycle Cranking Batteries?

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