Get High-Quality Lithium Batteries Instead Of Sealed Deep Cycle Batteries

12 volt sealed deep cycle battery

Most individuals never stop to ponder the batteries that are fueling their day-to-day existence. Furthermore, typically the most we contemplate our batteries is the point at which they don’t work. While all batteries store energy, there are massive contrasts in how that function for various batteries and which of those batteries are best for various applications.

Sealed Deep Cycle Battery

Sealed Batteries (SLA)

SLA batteries come in two sorts, AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) and Gel, with numerous comparable properties. They expect almost no upkeep and are spill evidence.

The vital contrast between AGM versus gel batteries is that gel batteries will have lower charge rates and result more often. Gel batteries, however, can’t deal with as much charge current, which implies they take more time to recharge and yield less power.

Lithium Batteries

In lithium batteries, lifepo4 lithium battery chemistry is an ideal solution for solar appliances. This innovation ensures longer and can be put through a more 12 volt sealed deep cycle battery. They likewise require no maintenance or venting, in contrast, to a sealed deep cycle battery.

Lithium batteries are more expensive than others, yet the additional efficiency implies you might spend less of a kilowatt-hour limit over the battery’s life expectancy.

Lead Acid versus Lithium: Cycle Count

Cycling a battery implies releasing it to any sum and recharging it to a wholly energized state. Assuming you cycle your battery bank consistently for a year, 365 cycles. Assuming you use it at the end of the week, keep the bank finished off the remainder of the time, 104 cycles per year.

A cycle pays little mind to how deep the discharge is. Yet, the depth of discharge straightforwardly influences the number of cycles you can anticipate that your battery should endure. A battery’s specs will tell you the number of cycles to expect while releasing to its evaluated DoD. A sealed 12-volt deep cycle battery can have around 1200 cycles at 25% DoD

Dissimilar to lead acid, lithium batteries don’t have a cycle bend under 80% DoD. Past 80%, the cycle count can drop emphatically. A run-of-the-mill lithium battery can have 5000+ cycles at up to 80% DoD. That is 4x the cycles at over 3x the DoD. However, lithium batteries are a much longer life expectancy.

Light On Weight; Heavy On Power

lithium batteries typically weigh 33% less and give up to half more energy than conventional overwhelmed, AGM, or GEL lead-corrosive batteries, giving more power.

Deep  Efficient

lithium batteries offer super-low obstruction (and almost 100% productivity), permitting much quicker charging and insignificant misfortunes. Lead-corrosive batteries lose power rapidly during discharge.

More Hours of Power

Lithium batteries give 100 percent of their evaluated limit, no matter the release pace. Lead-acid batteries normally furnish less usable energy with higher rates of discharge. They are normally restricted to half of the evaluated ability to protect decreased life.

Ultra Long Life

Rechargeable lithium batteries cycle multiple times or more, and higher paces of release negligibly influence cycle life. Lead-acid batteries commonly convey just 300-500 cycles, as more elevated release levels significantly decrease cycle life. However, if you are looking for a 12 volt sealed deep cycle battery, don’t look further; Deep Cycle Systems offers high-quality lithium batteries at an affordable price.


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