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How Psychotherapy Helps You In Recovery From Workplace Bullying

I’ve helped many people overcome the challenges of being bullied at work in my practice. If you are looking for help with dealing with the aftermath of being bullied at work, here are some things that psychotherapy can do for you:

Process The Feelings

You can process the feelings and emotions that are stirred up.

These feelings may include anger, fear, sadness, shame, humiliation or guilt. You might also have difficulty concentrating or sleeping. It is important to process these feelings, so you do not become overwhelmed. When we do not allow ourselves time to process our emotions and experiences healthily psychotherapy and counselling sydney, they can build up inside us until they affect our ability to function at home and work.

Suppose these negative thoughts continue to build without an outlet for release. In that case, it can lead to problems such as depression or anxiety disorders which may require treatment from a mental health professional such as a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Coping Mechanisms

Coping mechanisms are ways to deal with a problem or situation. They can include:

Recovery from workplace bullying

  • Talking about it with others
  • Distracting yourself from the issue
  • Taking time out from thinking or feeling about the issue and focusing on something else like exercise or hobbies instead

Some people like to talk things out, some prefer not to think about problems until they’re solved (or at least appear so), and others might find that exercising helps them get rid of stress and anxiety better than anything else. Talking therapy can help you develop your coping mechanisms, learn what works best for you in particular situations, and give advice on how much time should be spent on each type of coping mechanism depending on where you are in your recovery process.

Talking to a therapist can help you learn how to deal with your problems better. The therapist will listen and advise on how best to cope with what is going on in your life, including any issues that have been caused by substance abuse or addiction.

psychotherapy and counselling sydneyBetter Communication Skills

You can learn better communication skills.

  • Tell people how you feel productively rather than making them guess or asking them what they think about the situation.
  • Listen when others are talking to you instead of waiting for your turn to speak again (which can often be rude).
  • Be assertive and stand up for yourself while still being respectful towards others.
  • Tell someone when their behaviour is making it difficult for everyone involved – even if this person is a colleague or supervisor who may not appreciate having their behaviour called out on by someone else within the organization itself!

If you are being bullied in the workplace, it is important to remember that this can be considered harassment and is against the law. If someone is making your life difficult at work or if there are other forms of discrimination within your company, it is worth considering taking action against them.

Build Your Confidence Back Up

Personal confidence is the belief that you can handle things on your own. It’s the feeling of being able to do things well and make good decisions, and it helps you feel secure in yourself.

Your workplace bullying experience may have left you with a lack of self-worth and feeling like you can’t do anything right or make good decisions. Still, psychotherapy can help restore your sense of personal confidence through various treatment methods.

More Able to Cope with Life Challenges

Coping with life challenges is a lifelong process. It’s not always easy to cope with these challenges, and sometimes it can be stressful.

Psychotherapy helps you develop strategies for managing stress, anxiety and depression so that you feel more able to cope with the ups and downs of everyday life.

The first step in reclaiming your confidence is recognizing that you have it. If you’re having a hard time feeling good about yourself, ask yourself what’s holding you back—and then try to think of one thing that makes you feel good about yourself. Maybe it’s a hobby or interest you enjoy; maybe it’s something people have told you they appreciate about your work or personality. Coping with life challenges is a lifelong process. It’s not always easy to cope with these challenges, and sometimes it can be stressful. Psychotherapy helps you develop strategies for managing stress, anxiety and depression so that you feel more able to cope with the ups and downs of everyday life.

Work Through Issues

Stress Management Counselling and Therapy is the perfect setting to work through problems holding you back your whole life. This can be past trauma or trauma that affected you in your workplace.

Psychotherapy is a safe space to explore issues and work with a therapist. You will find that the more comfortable and open you are to sharing secrets and feelings, the faster they will be resolved. You may even learn something new about yourself while discussing these things!

If you’re still struggling with bullying after a few weeks or months, it may be time to seek professional help. A therapist can help you work through these issues and give you some new coping skills that will help you deal with bullies in the future.

There are many types of therapy, and each therapist will have their style. Some therapists may work with you more on learning how to control your emotions and reactions, while others work with the root cause of your issues. This can be related to what happened in the past or even something that is happening currently.

Recovery from Workplace Bullying is Possible

Stress Management Counselling and Therapy is a long process; you mustn’t rush the process. It takes time to learn new coping mechanisms and rebuild your confidence. It also takes time to work through issues that may have been holding you back your whole life.

You may find that some of these problems are more difficult for you than others, so be sure to take care of yourself as best as possible during this difficult time.


If you have been suffering from workplace bullying, you must seek support. The effects of workplace bullying can be devastating and long-lasting, and recovery will take time. Psychotherapy can help you in many ways, including identifying the root cause of your problems and developing strategies to cope with them. Are you searching for psychotherapy and counselling? If yes, don’t fret. Kerlylegan has covered you at an affordable price.

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