How To house Styling For Sale Sydney – Tips And Tricks

home stylist Sydney

If you are planning on selling your house, it’s important that the outside and inside are looking their best. Professional photographers will always take pictures of the outside and inside of your house before putting them on the market, so make sure they can close a deal with potential buyers. By following these tips and tricks, you can ensure that your house styling for sale Sydney is professionally done & your house is ready to sell:

What is staging?

Staging your home for sale is the process of making it look its absolute best. A well-staged home will have everything from neutral paint colors to carefully chosen furniture, lighting and accessories. It’s all about creating an inviting atmosphere that will make potential buyers feel comfortable in your house and want to stay there as long as possible.

Why is it important?

It’s a fact that when people are looking at houses they don’t want to see messy clutter everywhere, but they also don’t want something that looks too staged either! You need to find a balance between the two so you can impress buyers with how well you’ve styled your property without scaring them away with over-the-top displays of fake flowers or chandeliers hanging from every ceiling fan! If a buyer sees too much work put into decorating their new home then they might think “there must be something wrong” or “why would anyone do this?”. A good way around this problem is by using subtle touches such as wall art instead of large paintings on each wall – this way people know you like nice things but won’t get overwhelmed by anything else happening inside!

A role of staging in house styling

Staging is a very important part of home styling Sydney. The importance of staging has been proven time and again in numerous studies, but it’s also something that you can see for yourself if you ever have the opportunity to go into homes before they are put up for sale. Staged homes sell faster than un-staged ones and for more money too! If you want to sell your house quickly, then staging is one of the best ways to do it. It can help you attract buyers who are looking for exactly what your home has to offer.

Getting Your House Ready for Photography

  • Remove anything that is broken or damaged.
  • Remove anything that is too personal.
  • Make sure the house is clean and tidy.
  • Make sure the house is well lit.
  • Make sure the house is well decorated.
  • Make sure the house is well furnished.

The Benefits of Using a Home Stylist

Hiring a home stylist is one of the best ways to get your house looking its best for sale. The benefits of using a home stylist include:

  • A professional opinion on how to improve the design and layout of your property.
  • Help choosing furniture, decorations and accessories that suit both your style and budget.
  • Advice on lighting including ceiling fans, lamps and table lamps.
  • Advice on paint colours that complement each other well and create an inviting atmosphere in each room of your property.
  • Advice on flooring materials such as timber floors or carpet tiles – making sure it doesn’t look dated when potential buyers come through!

Hire an expert

If you’ve never sold a home before, hiring an expert is one of the best ways to ensure that you’re maximizing your potential. An expert has firsthand experience and knows how to sell a home quickly and get the best price possible. The process can be overwhelming if you haven’t done it before, so let them do the heavy lifting for you!

home stylist Sydney

Get the right package of home styling

To help you get started in the right direction, we’ve put together a list of different packages that you can choose from.

Package #1: Home Stylist ($1,200)

A professional house stylist Sydney will come to your residence and spend an entire day helping you to make your house look beautiful for potential buyers. They will help you with styling and set up, taking care of all the details so that when buyers step through their door they feel like they have entered another world. The package includes photography as well as professional home staging services if needed (not included).

Package #2: Photographer ($400)

If you would prefer not to hire a professional stager or home stylist but still want photos taken of your home then this is the package for you! A talented photographer will come over on a Saturday morning between 9am-12pm during prime selling hours at no additional cost above the basic photo shoot price listed below (this is only available on Saturdays). This option does not include any other services such as staging or styling but it still provides great photos which are perfect for posting online advertising materials including flyers or newspaper ads!

How to Prepare Your Home for Photo Day

To get the best photos of your home, you need to make sure everything is clean and tidy. Clutter makes it hard to focus on the important details (like your home’s lovely layout).

  • Remove personal items from display. This includes clothing, shoes, bags and any other personal items that don’t belong in a professional photograph. If there are items hanging on walls or shelves in plain sight but not part of the sale—such as family photos or artwork—take them down before you take any pictures.
  • Clear away clutter: You want buyers seeing only the best parts of your home when they look at its listing online; that means clearing out all clutter so nothing gets in their way! This includes moving furniture around to put it behind curtains/curtains/blinds so they aren’t seen by potential buyers who don’t want more work after buying a house! They shouldn’t have anything else on their mind except how beautiful everything looks while they’re checking out this one!

Get your house looking great, so people will want to buy it.

  • Color is a powerful tool in the world of home decor. It can evoke emotion, create mood and make you feel happy or relaxed. It can also help your house sell faster. Here are some tips on how to use color in your home:
  • Choose warm, inviting colors like red and yellow for bedrooms. Add pops of color with pillows and throws on beds or sofas.
  • Choose bright, cool colors like blue or green for living rooms – these will give a sense of freshness and energy. Use darker shades as accents such as throw blankets on sofas or coffee tables to add contrast without being overwhelming (or clashing).
  • Use white paint throughout most areas of your house – this will make it feel more spacious than dark walls would do! The only exception is if you have dark wood floors – then lighter walls might be better suited for them instead!


These are the tips and tricks you need to know to prepare your house for sale. You can get a great looking house with minimal effort, but it will take some planning, time and money.


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