How to Select the Best Heavy Duty Tandem Trailer for Sale?

tandem trailer for sale online

Tandem trailers have two wheels and a double axle;the additional set of wheels is designed to support heavier loads and ensure stability. If you buy a tandem trailer for sale, you have to the difference between a single and a tandem (two-axle) trailer. Do the axles affect trailer performance?

 Single Axle Trailers or Tandem Axle TrailersWhich is Better?

The number of axles located under the trailer determines whether it is a single-axle or a two-axle. The single-axle trailer has a set of wheels; the tandem axle has two sets of wheels.

Simple counting can tell you what type of trailer you are looking for; making it easy to compare trailers and determine which one best suits your needs.

Single Axle Trailers:

The single-axle trailer is smaller and easier to maneuver than the tandem model; if the parking space is small or there is not much space in your parking space, it is easier to manage the axle model. Thanks to the smaller size of the axle trailer, it is more economical than its tandem counterparts; Pulling can be facilitated by lower weight and adjustable pulling angle.

The price is also a factor – not only are the axle costs lower than the tandem trailer but the wheels and maintenance are also shorter. Smaller tires mean lower replacement costs.

Single axle trailers may have some negatives; their small size means that your storage and movement capacity may be limited. Wheels can wear out more easily if you move a lot of heavy loads because there are only two attempts to absorb the weight.

Tandem Axle Trailers:

As the name suggests, the tandem trailer has two axles – one after the other. Additional wheels allow the trailer to carry more weight and be more stable at high speeds and road conditions.

Greater carrying capacity means more space for anything you carry. Tandem trailers are great for heavier loads and are a great choice for growing your business. By choosing a tandem model, you can downsize your trailer; the additional costs will initially be worth it in the long run.

While the level of towing is not a factor for single-axle models, the level of towing is necessary for a trailer with a tandem axle. If the load is not flat, it can cause further damage to the axle set and reduce the life of your wheels.

The initial investment in a tandem trailer is higher than the cost of the axle model. If you decide to sell your tandem trailer over, you will see a better return on your investment because it will retain its value better than the model with the axle.

Single Axle vs. Tandem Axle: Which is Better?

The result depends. If you carry a large load with a short weight, maneuverability is essential, and the axle model is the best way to reduce costs.

If you drive big kilometres on the highway in your trailer, carry heavy loads or plan to expand your business, a model with a tandem axle is a great choice.

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