Lithium Starter Battery – For A Quick And Easy Start


Choosing the right marine batteries entails more than just dealing with a reputable brand on which your customers can rely. Even the excellent battery is only as good as used & maintained. Of course, understanding the differences between the two most common types of marine batteries: lithium starter battery and deep cycle marine battery, is the first step.

Battery For Marine Cranking

A marine cranking battery is a great choice if you need a battery to start your boat. It sends electricity to the engine as soon as the ignition switch is turned on, allowing a ship to start. This is why these batteries are also known as “starter batteries.” To start a motor, energy must be sent from the quick and strong bursts.

Lithium-Ion Starter Battery

The larger the plate surface area within the lithium starter battery, the easier it is to provide the necessary power. That is why cranking batteries have so many thin plates; they increase surface area and make boats starting as smooth and reliable as possible. The same things that make a starter battery good for starting an engine also make it bad for continuous discharge or “cyclic” use.

Why Are Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries An Excellent Choice?

Lithium batteries were invented in the 1990s and completely transformed the battery industry. One of their distinguishing characteristics is lightweight, dry, and water-resistant. This makes batteries safer while providing a greater and longer working life than a standard lead-acid battery. If you spilled the lead-acid batteries in the environment or on the ground, they could start fires.

These batteries also have a fixed delivery rate and use up a lot of power. Lithium batteries are designed to withstand various challenges while providing consistent performance and power generation.

lithium starter batteries

Marine Deep Cycle Battery

Once a boat’s engine is running, it doesn’t need the same quick and powerful bursts of energy that a starter battery can give it. Instead, the boat needs to troll and run electronics like sonar, GPS, and radios with steady, reliable power.

Design of a Marine Battery

A deep cycle marine battery has many design differences. One significant difference is the battery plate: fewer, thicker plates allow the battery to provide continuous power output for extended periods. These batteries don’t get overheat because they have a stronger plate design that can handle high temperatures while running at a high rate of speed.

Where Can You Purchase Cranking Batteries For Your Vehicle?

Deep Cycle System is an Australian company that has been in the energy source business for many years. Look no further if you’re looking for lithium starter batteries because DCS has you covered.



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