Lithium starter battery for vehicles and boats in Australia

lithium starter battery

We have the best lithium starter battery for your vehicle or boat in Australia. Our robust, lightweight and maintenance-free batteries will give you peace of mind that your car or boat starting systems are as good as new.

Lithium Starter Battery

A lithium starter battery is a small but vital part of your car, boat, or recreational vehicle. These compact batteries pack a lot of power into their small size. They’re also lightweight and easy to install. Lithium starter batteries consist of lithium-ion cells that allow them to be more efficient than older types of lead-acid batteries. Lithium starter batteries will last longer than lead-acid ones and don’t require maintenance such as watering or checking electrolyte levels like older models do. They also don’t contain any toxic materials, so there’s no risk of spilling acid onto skin or clothing (like you might get with other types).

lithium starter battery 12V Lithium Starter Battery

12V Lithium batteries are the most common type of lithium battery. We can use them in cars, boats, trucks and forklifts. There are many different types of 12V lithium starter batteries on the market that use different chemistries to create a power source for vehicles and boats with high energy density and a long life span.

24V Lithium Starter Batteries

Lithium starter batteries are a great alternative to lead-acid batteries. Lithium starter batteries are lighter and more compact, which makes them easier to handle. They also have a longer lifespan, delivering up to five times the power of an equivalent lead acid battery. Their efficiency means that they can be charged in half the time of other battery types, making them viable for use in vehicles with high-performance engines such as sports cars and electric vehicles (EVs). Coupled with their lack of gasses released during charging or discharging – unlike with AGM or flooded lead acid batteries – lithium starter batteries are more environmentally friendly than older technologies. The 24V model is suited for use on boats where space is at a premium or where weight needs to be kept light; however, it can also be used on larger vessels if required. The 24V lithium starter battery has been designed specifically for applications requiring high current output without too much storage capacity: motorbikes, scooters and small boats like jet skis.

48V Lithium Starter Batteries

48V lithium starter, 48V lithium RV battery, and 48V lithium boat batteries are all available at Battery World. We offer a wide range of quality products to suit your needs. Find the 48V lithium starter battery that suits you best by using our online tools or visiting one of our stores today.

72V Lithium Starter Batteries

72V lithium starter batteries find their applications in vehicles, boats and electric vehicles. They are 100% maintenance-free and offer the same level of performance as a lead acid battery. You can use them in your car or boat all year round, even if no battery charger is available. We also offer a range of accessories to help you safely transport your battery around Australia!

100V Lithium Starter Batteries

100V lithium starter batteries are similar to traditional lead acid batteries but have several advantages. The most important one is their longevity, making them perfect for marine use. They can also withstand high temperatures and are completely spill-proof, making them ideal for use in vehicles and RVs. 100V lithium starter battery has a nominal voltage of 100 volts, hence the name “100V” lithium starter battery. It has an electrolyte of sulfuric acid (this is the same type as used by lead acid batteries). The only difference between this battery and a lead-based one is that it contains no heavy metals or toxic materials such as cadmium or mercury! The lifespan of 100V lithium starter batteries depends on how much you use them: if you don’t use your boat much during the winter months, then it’s likely that your battery will last twice as long as if you kept using it all year. Round!

Lithium boat starter battery

Here at Dcs Batteries, we have a range of high-quality lithium starter, deep cycle and traction batteries available for delivery across Australia. We offer our customers a variety of different kinds of Lithium RV batteries, for those looking to power their boats as well as caravans and motorhomes.

Are you looking for a lithium starter battery for your vehicle or boat in Australia? We have world-leading, lightweight and maintenance-free lithium-ion batteries.

Look no further if you’re looking for a lithium starter battery for your vehicle or boat in Australia. Our Lithium-Ion Starter Batteries are lighter than lead-acid batteries and require no maintenance— they only require sealing at the factory, so there’s nothing to do but install them. They also have a longer life cycle than lead-acid batteries, so you’ll be able to use them for years without needing to replace them. The lithium technology used by our Lithium-Ion Starter Batteries results from continuous innovation from our research and development team. It means we can offer high-performance levels while ensuring reliability and safety across all applications, including boats with outboard motors, cars with electric starters and tractors with diesel engines.


Lithium batteries are the future of electric mobility, and we’re proud to say that we have one of the most comprehensive ranges of lithium batteries in Australia. Our batteries are compatible; they can use all primary electric vehicle charging stations and replace standard lead acid or gel cell units. If you have any questions about our range or want advice on which model would suit your needs best, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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