Many Reasons Why Deep Cycle Battery Is Better Than Traditional Lead-Acid Battery


Batteries are becoming essential nowadays in our daily routine, especially in automobiles, as they serve as a starting battery to start an engine. Batteries are used as an energy backup too. lithium battery is used to enhance the performance of Vehicles. Upgrading your Vehicle with a deep cycle battery is a good option because they provide long-lasting backup and rapid discharge, which helps your vehicle perform at its best. Changing batteries, again and again, can be very stressful. But you can take care of it by buying deep cycle batteries.

Compared to traditional lead-acid batteries, these batteries are beneficial in weight, performance, reliability, and life services. These batteries are used in various products, i.e. solar panels, Vehicles, UPS and many more.

Use Of Deep Cycle Batteries In RV And Vehicles

lithium ion car battery is designed for Discharge and recharging in applications such as RVs, golf carts, floor scrubbers, and electric vehicles. Deep cycle batteries should never be depleted to less than 80% depth of discharge. It’s critical to have suitable deep-cycle batteries for your RV’s battery bank.

These batteries will supply you with the steady power you require in every situation, which you will appreciate at the end of a long journey in the middle of nowhere. Now the question arises can you use deep cycle batteries in normal vehicles? And the answer is yes. If you don’t have any other options for batteries, it will suffice. Driving an automobile will keep you busy for a long time. On the other hand, an alternator will not fully charge a deep cycle battery.


Types of Batteries used in RV

Lead-Acid Battery:

The most well-known and widespread form of RV battery is the lead-acid battery. The most cost-effective alternative is this battery. The negative side of the lead-acid battery is complicated, necessitating constant attention and ventilation to avoid gas and corrosion issues. In addition, a fluid-filled acid battery can provide only half of the total capacity, i.e., Due to the poor discharge rate of a 12v 100amp lead-acid battery, you will only get half an amp out of it. And this battery weight is heavy. Heavyweight means more fuel costs for travelling at higher speeds.

The lead-acid battery also has bad life cycles for about one year of life. You’ll need more acid batteries because of the lesser output depth, which means extra room and weight for your RV. If you try to surpass the emission level by 50%, the sulfation process will begin, reducing battery life; this is one of the primary reasons your lead-acid battery doesn’t last as long.

AGM battery:

Sulfuric acid is used in the AGM battery or Gel cell. You may put them anyplace that makes sense. There is no need to check the water level or low air pressure again because these rechargeable batteries require a rapidly changing charger. Because they are closed and do not require special care, they are sometimes known as glass mat batteries.

Lithium-Ion RV battery:

The most important advantage of having a deep cycle battery lithium is its depth of discharge, which ensures 100% efficiency. It indicates that a 100-ampere-hour lithium battery will last 100 hours. Other advantages include a lightweight and slippery design, ideal for

RVs and campervans. A lithium battery is an intense cycle battery with

thousands of life cycles and can provide a deep discharge level regularly.

RV Lithium Battery

lithium rv battery also helps to power electricity in the RV, like supplying power to the motor pump, which pumps the water out of the grid and makes the fridge run when it is propane. Using small 12v lithium ion solar batteries can save a lot of money. In addition, the battery is used to start a water heater and boiler when using that off-grid.

lithium ion solar batteries

What Factors Determine The Number Of Battery Cycles?

The number of cycles the lithium ion deep cycle battery can provide is determined by how low the charge is at any one time. Depth of charge, or DoD, is the name of this item. The battery cycle is also determined by how quickly the lithium or lead-acid battery expires. Compared to a lithium battery, a standard lead-acid battery requires more energy. This is due to the efficient operation of lithium batteries which provide a stable power band regardless of whether they are used for discharge or continuous power. At least 1000 charging cycles and a 100 per cent discharge per 100ah.

What Do Lithium Batteries And Lithium Ion Batteries Have In Common?

The distinction is in the chemistry; a Lithium battery is a non-rechargeable power source made up of lithium metal compounds. Intercalated lithium ion batteries, on the other hand, transport the lithium ion within the battery between two internal electrodes. The battery’s rechargeability is due to the lithium ion’s movement or reversibility.

Why Choose Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries?

The cathode material in these batteries is lithium iron phosphate. In these batteries, graphitic carbon terminal capacity is employed as an anode. Because these batteries resemble lithium-molecule batteries, lithium iron phosphate use iron as the cathode while disregarding the anode. LiFePO4 has a wide variety of circumstances in-vehicle usage, restricted use, and support capacity due to its low cost, low violence, excellent execution, long life, and consistent quality, among other things. This lithium battery pack is also free of cobalt.

The non-damage, non-destructive, good safety features, low cost, and long life of the Lifepo4 battery contribute to the potential benefits of non-damage, non-destructive, outstanding safety features, low cost, and long life.

Power Supply Task:

These batteries are considered the best choice for power supply, reflecting on their capabilities, making them suitable for clients. These batteries offer performance, provide more power and are much safer than lead batteries.

Car Work:

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are outstanding for providing excellent power to electric cars and tremendous curious cars. Cars, for example, electric cars, use lithium iron phosphate batteries to produce stable energy. Cars, for example, RVs and campers, use these batteries for safer and longer safe trips.

Work In Marine Vehicles:

Due to their water-repellent properties, these lithium marine batteries are fully utilized in marine vehicles such as boats and canoes. It is the right choice for marine vehicles. lithium cranking batteries are small and light, yet they are extremely powerful and long-lasting thanks to their superb design. They are best suited for military, marine, and 4WD applications since they can resist high levels of vibrations and shocks. DCS Lithium Batteries are entirely dry batteries that are spill-proof, leak-proof, and substantially safer than lead-acid batteries. They are developed for deep-cycle (cyclic) applications and are completely dry batteries.

Function At UPS:

Lithium iron phosphate batteries support UPS devices and work best with them. They offer a longer shelf life than conventional lead batteries. Also, thirst makes Safe Hardware used with UPS. They provide a prosperous and abundant power by looking at the UPS counter.

Lithium cranking batteries

12V Lithium Battery 

Batteries from 12v lithium batteries australia manufacturers can power a solar system installed in an office building, requiring more energy than traditional homes. Due to advance technological, Deep Cycle batteries can provide additional power to building items with heavy loads. A deeper cycle of the same battery size may give a much stronger backup than a typical lead-acid battery.

12v 100 Ah Battery Details:

  • Provides 12.8v standard power
  • Ostensible Limit of 100 AH (1 Hr)
  • Rates 13 Kgs
  • It offers 11.5V power – 14.6V for bicycles
  • Supports equitable organizations
  • Provides 14.0 – 24.6 power charging capacity
  • Provides 2500 Cycles

The Durability Of Lithium Batteries

Deep cycle batteries, unlike other types of batteries, are more durable. It is, in fact, the utility that distinguishes the two. lithium starter battery may provide a lot of power to get an automobile started. The alternator starts charging the battery as soon as the vehicle starts running. Although these power storage units are suggested for automobiles, they are unsuitable for other applications that demand a consistent and reliable energy source. This is why these batteries have stood the test of time. As a result, these batteries are more trustworthy.


These goods are highly efficient since they can withstand the test of time. Several elements should be considered when selecting a charger for your deep cycle battery, including the product’s design. In addition, you must consider the structure of the unit. These days, you may find a variety of battery chargers on the market. Each kind has its own set of traits.

You Can’t Charge Different Batteries With A Single Charger.

It’s crucial to remember that you can’t charge all sorts of batteries with the same charger. As a result, you must make the best decision possible. There are four different chargers available today for a deep cycle battery. Investing in a deep cycle battery is smart because they have several advantages over standard batteries. Aside from that, these items are reasonably priced, and the costs of these units are steadily decreasing as more people purchase them.


Benefits of Lithium-ion batteries


Deeply Cycle batteries are easy to maintain. No fixes. Therefore, no flexible adjustment is required for deep cycle batteries. Lead-acid batteries, on the other hand, just require a minimal bit of weekly water level monitoring. Therefore, deep cycle batteries are the best option. All deep cycle batteries, including a 12v deep cycle battery, are safer and more prone to invest in energy saving. These batteries are the best because of their role in producing renewable energy. Deep cycle batteries are now compatible with nature.

Bluetooth option

Advanced lithium-ion batteries have Bluetooth, so you can make quick and precise changes with the battery application to check the battery limit sincerely. This process aims not to go to the place where the batteries are. Open the application & check the status of the battery.

No Voltage Sag

When it comes to lithium batteries, their discharge curve is flat. This means that a unit that is 20 percent charged will produce the same amount of output as one that is 80 per cent charged. And this can help to avoid a lot of problems caused by “voltage sag.” Furthermore, there is essentially little voltage loss. Lithium-ion batteries can deliver the total rated capacity at high current rates. On the other hand, lead-acid batteries can lose up to 40% of their capacity if overworked.

Efficient Charging

The good news is that lithium-ion batteries can be charged quickly to the total capacity. On the other hand, the lead-acid ones have an absorption phase if you want to acquire the 20% stored. You may also charge these devices considerably quicker if you use a powerful charger. You can charge your unit in just 30 minutes.

No Power Wastage

Lead-acid batteries require a long time to store energy in terms of efficiency. Unlike most lead-acid batteries, which charge at approximately 85% efficiency, lithium batteries charge at roughly 100% efficiency. This is especially true if you want to charge the units using a solar system. These are only a few of the essential advantages of LiFePO4 batteries right now.


Today’s LiFePO4 batteries have a significant positive point in terms of safety and stability. When it comes to solar applications, the most important consideration is safety. Because Li-ion batteries have a lower energy density, they must be more prominent in size to provide the same capacity as LiFePO4 batteries. LiFePO4 batteries are practically non-combustible, primarily if handled carefully. Because these units are less toxic, medical risks, unintentional poisoning, and allergic responses are reduced.


Lithium iron phosphate batteries are far less expensive to produce for various reasons. The raw material for creating these units, for example, is readily available, which is why it is less expensive than cobalt. Handling these units is also safer. Finally, these batteries have a far longer lifespan than Li-ion batteries, making them a much superior choice.

12v deep cycle battery

Do Lithium Ion Batteries Have Any Drawbacks?

The downsides of adopting Li-Ion battery technology are relatively minor, and scientific improvements are reducing them even more. The Lithium-Ion formula has lately been enhanced by manufacturers, revealing a more dependable battery. Even so, every colossus has flaws:

  • Li-Ion batteries are susceptible to extremes of heat and cold. The battery will deteriorate more quickly in high-temperature environments.
  • Li-Ion batteries deteriorate with time, regardless of how often they are used.
  • When the Li-Ion battery’s power falls below a specific threshold, the battery’s built-in computer chip notifies the battery to refuse a charge. The battery will be irreparably damaged if this happens.

Although these flaws are more common in older Lithium-Ion batteries, the potential of encountering them is still worth considering. Fortunately, the flaws mentioned above are relatively uncommon and readily avoidable.

  • Keep Li-Ion batteries (and other batteries) in a cool, dry area.
  • Use Li-ion batteries frequently.
  • Make sure Li-Ion batteries are fully charged before storing them, and bring them out now and then to use and recharge them. Keep an eye on the battery’s charge level to ensure it does not drop below the charge limit.

The Demand For Electricity:

The need for power is growing every day as electrical devices become more advanced. The issue we are facing nowadays is growing electricity demand. For this solution, people buy solar panels and high-quality batteries to store electricity to backup provide backup to their house and property, and this approach is cost-effective. These tools like solar panels and inverters play an essential role in providing people with a comfortable life.

Solar Batteries

Solar systems are a new energy solution to provide energy to your home during a power outage or reduce your daily electricity consumption. During peak hours, the solar system is effectively integrated with sell integrated with the deep cycle batteries solar which give electricity to your house or business. The combination of a solar system and lithium batteries is ideal.

As a result, current solar systems with lithium-ion batteries offer cost-effective backup. Lithium batteries have a high capacity, and the cost of each cycle is minimal. LIFEPO4 is the most efficient battery of your sustainable solar energy options.

deep cycle batteries solar

The Reason Why Lithium Ion Batteries Work Very Well

solar lithium batteries have a charge time of fewer than 2 hours. It makes it more efficient. Solar batteries have a long life. As we all know, phone battery health decay from time to time because as time passes, the cells die. Similarly, the charging capacity is reduced by solar batteries, but a good battery can last longer to charge your cycles. A lithium-ion phosphate battery promises 5000 cycles or ten years of service at 70% of its actual capacity. Even if your old battery is set to discharge, it will lose only about 30% of its total capacity.

The number of cycles promised by the manufacturer determines how long your solar battery will last. If you choose a decent lithium ion solar battery, your battery will likely retain its long-term capacity to charge.

The Key Features Of Lithium Batteries Are As Follows:

High Power Density:

One of the critical reasons for lithium batteries’ deep cycle appeal is their high power, making them lightweight and portable. A 1KG lithium battery can hold five times as much weight as a heavy acid battery.

Very Low Energy Loss:

Lithium-ion batteries with deep circulation systems hold stored energy longer than their batteries due to their engineers’ high-quality materials and ingenuity. Generally, an acid battery loses about one-fifth of its stored capacity if not used for four weeks. Their premium batteries have lost less than 5% of the power.

Memory Effect:

Memory impairment is not present when you usually charge the battery after just one operation, which may affect the battery’s memory, causing loss of power, and so on. Deep cycle battery has no problem in that case.

Who provides the best lithium ion batteries in Australia?

Deep Cycle system has been providing high-quality energy solutions (i.e. solar solutions, inverter, best deep cycle battery etc.) to their key customers for years. They have what you need at an affordable price, so what are you waiting for? Get your dcs battery now from their website.


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