Select the Most Attractive Wine Pegs in Australia

wine pegs in Australia

Consider the wine anchor system. Wine pin storage system is a stylish solution that can grow with your collection. Wine pins can be attached from the floor to the ceiling, eye-catching the wine wall. Hooks can be attached to the wall, inside the cabinet, or fill the entire wine bar. Wine pegs in Australia can be found in homes, taverns, restaurants, and leisure centers.

What is a wine peg storage system?

Definition or description of a system of wine pegs is a wall, cabinet or pole-mounted system consisting of arms or “pins” that place or hold a wine bottle in its place. The anchor system is different because it can grow as the wine collection grows. If you need a wine cellar, add extra pins. This modular racking style is flexible because it allows wine storage in small and large spaces. The peg rack has become very popular because it gives the illusion that wine glasses are floating in the area. Wine nail systems are available in forwarding or neck label styles.

Uses Of A Wine Peg Storage System

Whether you have 6 or 200 bottles, a wine rack can work for you. As mentioned above, the most significant advantage of this system is that it can grow with your collection. Before buying your wine pins, consider the following:

  • Current wine list: How many bottles are in your collection now?
  • Location: Is the wall where the pegs will hold the weight of your wine collection? Will wine be protected from harmful UV rays?
  • Design: Consider the colour and possible configuration of your wine pins. Do you want the ants to follow a specific pattern? Do you want the wine pins to match the existing space or act as a feature?

Types Of Wine Pegs

There are many types of wine pins to choose from:

  • Wall-mounted wine pins: Many wine pins can be mounted on the wall. Each rack includes specific installation instructions.
  • Acrylic wine pins: Acrylic wine pins are transparent, meaning they can match any room’s colour and decoration.
  • Black wine pins: The classic black colour gives the wine a robust masculine flavour.
  • 3-bottle wine bottles: To increase the final volume, choose a bottle that holds three bottles to sink.
  • Wine bars: Not just regular wine pins, there are also metal wines that offer the same deception as the wine anchor system. These metal wines can also be used with grip for added stability.
  • DIY peg wine rack: All wine rack systems include installation instructions that make it easy to assemble or DIY into a large display.
  • Wine packing system: If you are looking for a custom storage location, please get in touch with us, and we will work with you to find a solution that works for your collection.

Wine Peg Installation and Spacing

Each winemaker sold will include installation instructions or a guide. Following these instructions when installing your wine pins is very important. Many wine pins should be attached to a support board or wall that can safely support the weight of your wine bottles. When planning how to space your wine pins, try to assemble the same bottle shapes by row or column.

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