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Stress-related chronic pain cannot Be Treated with Medication

Stress-related chronic pain cannot Be Treated with Medication

Most people believe that everyone will eventually suffer from Stress-related chronic pain. We’ve been socialised to believe that pain is the only problem we have and that if we can only get rid of it, all our problems will go away. We’ve discovered that taking pain medication is the most effective way to cope. We tend to treat pain-causing disorders as though the pain is the source of the problem. As a result, if we can get rid of the discomfort associated with that disease, our capacity to live with it will be adequate for a great life.

Health-Care Providers:

If you go to most health specialists in physical medicine, such as an orthopedist, chiropractor, physical therapist, massage therapist, sports trainer- we may say, “My neck hurts; my back hurts; my feet hurt.” “I can assist you in getting rid of that discomfort,” we would expect to hear. Even if a health practitioner explains, “Your backaches because you have these other conditions,” our natural impulse is to treat the pain until it goes away merely.

Then we stop treatment, even though the health care provider might help us avoid the discomfort from recurring. We still try to respond to pain with temporary remedies that impact our perception of the problems that produce pain due to our human nature.

We Must Ask Ourselves The Following Questions:

“I’m in a lot of discomforts. What is the situation in which my body sends me a pain signal? What did I do to bring about such circumstances?

Stress-related chronic pain

The Structural Support System’s Critical Integrity:

What must be done to restore the structural integrity of my body’s support system? Let’s look at what robs us of our physical freedom, joy, and vitality.

  • Bone misalignment – When bones are not entirely aligned, joint wear and tear occur, and mobility loss occurs.
  • Muscle tension – A lack of flexibility can lead to joint tightness and lubrication.
  • Physiological Imbalances – A compressed ribcage puts pressure on hollow organs, raising blood pressure and causing changes in body chemistry, menstruation cramps, and gastrointestinal issues. Gas in the stomach and intestines may be affected by abdominal pressure. A lack of mobility can impair lymph fluid flow, weakening the immune system and interfering with the passage of fluid during the menstrual cycle.
  • Internal growth obstruction – Could produce pressure in a limited space or impede an organ’s physiological function.
  • Loss of range of motion might lead to an unbalanced strain on joints and muscles.
  • Tension Imbalance – The weaker muscles will be overworked.
  • Posture Implosion – When the body’s flexibility and strength are insufficient to maintain it aligned and free to move, the body begins to collapse.
  • Inefficient Use – When a person works in an ergonomically inefficient manner, weight and work is distributed incorrectly. This causes muscle and joint wear and tear over time.

Broadening Horizons:

To comprehend the nature of Stress-related chronic pain, we must broaden our perspective. Consider the idea that troubles generate discomfort for the time being. Accept the notion that joy, freedom, and vigour are our natural states of being. When our body’s capacity to move freely is restricted, it might negatively impact our physiological systems. We may also suffer pain or discomfort if we lack appropriate strength and flexibility. There is an issue whenever we are not enjoying pleasure and liberation from our bodies.

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