Top-Quality 120ah Lithium Battery With High Power Density.

120ah lithium battery

Lithium-ion batteries with 120 ah capacity are among the most popular and versatile rechargeable battery technologies. They have an excellent track record for safety, reliability and high performance. The 120ah lithium battery has a high energy and power density, making it ideal for use in portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras etc.

They Are Environment Friendly.

Lithium batteries are more environmentally friendly than lead-acid batteries because they do not contain any heavy metals or harmful chemicals, so you can recycle them. In addition, the battery cell has no liquid core, which means that it does not emit gas when being charged or discharged, further improving lithium batteries’ safety.

Quality Of Service.

Lithium batteries are known for their quality of service, which is the ability to run efficiently without any interruptions. This is due to their high voltage and stability. They are also very reliable, as they last longer than other types of batteries and don’t lose power as quickly when charging or discharging them. Lithium-ion batteries have a higher energy density than different types of batteries because they contain fewer grams per watt hour (g/Wh), which means that they take up less space in your device than lead-acid and nickel metal hydride batteries.

Maximum Charging Current.

You can charge a lithium-ion battery at a higher current than you would any other type of rechargeable battery. These batteries have the ability to be charged at up to 10 times their capacity, which means they can be fully charged in as little as 10 hours instead of 100 hours, like lead acid batteries. This makes lithium-ion batteries ideal for applications where there is a need to recharge quickly and frequently.

You mustn’t overcharge your lithium-ion battery because it will damage the battery’s cells and reduce its lifespan! Most manufacturers recommend charging at no more than 4C (4 times capacity) to prevent overcharging. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry — our chargers automatically charge at just 1C (1/10th), which provides plenty of time for safe recharging without risking overheating or overcharging your battery.
120ah lithium battery

High Energy And Power Density.

The lithium battery has the highest energy density of any rechargeable battery. They are lighter and last longer than any other rechargeable batteries, making them an excellent option for anyone concerned about the environment.

When choosing a battery, it is essential to consider this because you must balance weight with power requirements. Lithium batteries provide twice as much power as lead-acid and three times as much capacity compared to nickel metal hydride (NiMH) without increasing weight. This means that you will get more power out of a smaller package if you choose lithium over other types of batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries also significantly improve performance over conventional lead acid batteries since they don’t require heavy cooling systems or other complicated features. They cost less per kilowatt-hour produced than their lead-acid counterparts because they require fewer materials in production (and therefore lower labour costs). This makes them an ideal choice for fleet vehicles, such as trucks that need large amounts of power but don’t want additional expenses associated with installing expensive cooling systems on board.

They Are Small, Lightweight, And Easy To Use And Carry.

The lithium battery with 120 ah capacity is small, lightweight, and easy to use and carry. One of its most significant advantages is the lighter weight of a lithium battery with 120ah capacity. While lead acid batteries and other lithium-ion batteries can weigh up to 100 pounds, a lithium battery can weigh as little as 4 pounds. This makes it much easier to carry around and transport, which is ideal if you need your battery on wheels or if you’re installing it in an area that isn’t close to an electrical outlet.

It is one of the smallest batteries on the market today. This means you have more room for other equipment in your car or truck. It also won’t weigh your vehicle as much as a traditional lead-acid battery.

Lithium Ion Battery Pack Is Better For You, Your Wallet And The Planet.

Lithium batteries are lighter in weight than other types of batteries, which means they use less energy to carry out their functions. A lithium ion battery pack can be up to 80% lighter than traditional lead acid or nickel-cadmium batteries of the same capacity. This saves you money on transport costs and reduces energy consumption during operation.

They also enjoy a much longer lifespan than lead acid or nickel-cadmium batteries: they last five times longer in deep cycle applications, meaning that if used as a starter battery in an electric vehicle (EV), it’ll need replacing after only three years instead of fifteen! This will save you time and money by reducing downtime caused by charging issues often resulting from old or worn-out cells within larger lead acid systems, such as those found inside typical car starters.

Compared to traditional lead-acid starter batteries (SLA), lithium-ion starter batteries offer superior performance thanks to their higher amperage output which can deliver more current at start-up without overheating like SLAs tend to do when put under strain during cold weather conditions or while starting heavy-duty trucks etcetera. Because this increased current output comes from fewer cells instead of one big cell like SLAs, lithium-ion starter batteries have lower internal resistance levels, making them safer for use with sensitive electronics. Such as cars where shorting could cause damage due to consuming too much current at once, leading them to get dangerously hot. Unlike SLAs, which tend not to do this because there’s not enough power being stored inside every cell.

Lithium-Ion Immune To Memory Effects

Li-ion battery packs are immune to memory effects. A memory effect occurs when a battery loses capacity if it is repeatedly charged to the same level.

Unlike lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries do not lose capacity if charged to the same level multiple times. This makes them ideal for use in situations where batteries are often discharged (such as electric vehicles) or where there’re lots of small discharges and recharges.

This battery is Sealed, So No Maintenance Is Required.

One of the biggest advantages of lithium battery packs is that they require absolutely no maintenance. Many other batteries need regular checks to ensure everything is working correctly and levels are within acceptable ranges, but this is not the case with lithium ions. They don’t need water, or acid added, nor do they have electrolyte levels that need checking. You can leave them alone until you’re ready to use them again!

They Have A Long Cycle Life Of Up To 2000 Cycles.

The cycle life of lithium batteries is up to 2000 cycles, which means you can use your car for a long time.


In the end, lithium batteries are an excellent option for anyone concerned about the environment. They are also economical because they last longer and require less maintenance than traditional batteries. Moreover, they can be used almost anywhere, including cars, boats and even aeroplanes! So if you want to make your life easier while doing good at the same time, try out one of these new technologies today! For more details, contact Deep Cycle Systems.


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