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When deciding which Wall Mounted Wine Pegs or wine racks to purchase, consider number of bottles you want to store. Design is yet another aspect that decides what to purchase. This cognitive process may appear absurd, yet there is a reason for it. Aside from the apparent reason of storing bottles of wine in wine racks, there are other reasons to store wine. The major reason is to keep the wine at the proper angle so that it stays’safe within optimum temperature.

Things to Consider for Wall Mounted Wine Pegs

First and all, why do we keep wine horizontally? It’s fairly simple: maintain the cork moist so that it doesn’t dry out and shrink to the point where oxygen can enter the bottle. When your wine starts to oxidise, it’s time to pull out the fries and smother them in costly vinegar. After the wine has oxidised, it would be about its only usefulness. So, now that we know why you need to store your wine horizontally, it’s easy to see why racks are built the way they are. The next stage is to think about some fundamental rules and mistakes to avoid which are as follows:

People prefer Aesthetics rather than Practical Approach

When it comes to wine storage, the inexperienced among us may think of the place where those wall-mounted wine racks will look beautiful. It’s only natural that we want to show off our wine collection while also having a fantastic design item that fits perfectly in our living area. Living rooms are often bright, cheerful spaces with lovely bay windows. Although it appears to be fresh and attractive, it is a disaster when it comes to wine storage. Both artificial and natural light are harmful to wine preservation. The generally stable compounds and tannins that are crucial to the taste, flavour, fragrance, and texture of a superb wine are influenced when light penetrates the bottle, and as a result, your wine is spoilt or degraded.

Keeping Wine in a Humidity-Free Environment

It’s best if you keep your wine in a cool, damp environment. Any dryness in the air can lead that vital cork to say goodbye while oxygen says hello. This is not a good concept, as previously stated.

Keeping Wine in an Overheated Environment

Putting your storage in a living room where heaters could be in service. This is a big no-no, and it’s quiet possible to overlook this when you plan to install rack in a chilling place under AC. Majority of the wines require temperature area around 14 degrees Celsius or 58 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keeping Wine in Areas with Strong Odors

Wines need placement under strong odors. Youneed to install or place your wine rack in a place that is regularly known for its strong odours. It could be of fried onions, garlic, vegetables, or cheeses that may ferment nearby, i.e. kitchen. These scents can contaminate the wine via the cork.


Yes, indeed the wine resembles a fragile flower that requires ideal and specific measurements. It is true that if you want your wine to age nicely, you must take care to avoid any potential disruption. Noise causes vibrations and vibrations prevent the wine from settling properly. So, if you want to put your Wall Mounted Wine Pegssomewhere like the laundry room or garage, don’t! When it comes to the garage, keep in mind that it contains fuel and chemical aromas, making it inappropriate.

Best Placement for Wall Mounted Wine Pegs

All of the errors may appear to rule out all of your rooms in the house. Perhaps it will be easy to pick which room would provide the finest circumstances for wine storage now that you know what mistakes to avoid. Look for a room that owns the following characteristics:

Direct sunshine shaded/dark

  • Is pleasant – approximately 57 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Is not too dry; it is serene and quiet

The Compromise

It is general trend that people search to store wine via Wall Mounted Wine Pegs that is a great option indeed. These wine racks ensure you have optimal conditions.

Unless you have investment wines or are a complete wine guru, you need not fret too much as long as you try your best to observe the rules. You can of course, build a mini wine cellar out of a closet or be grandiose and construct a real wine cellar. Or you can opt for the wine cellar fridges available for storing your wine in the perfect way.

Best Wine Racks Australia

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