What Is Actually Done In A Stress Test Echocardiogram Sydney?

Stress test echocardiogram Sydney

Stress test echocardiogram Sydney is a test to assess heart function under physical stress. It uses ultrasound waves to mimic the heart and check its position before and after exercise to see how the heart muscle pump works and sometimes to measure other parameters.

What is being done?

These tests are often carried out to see if the blood is reduced in any part of the heart, which may mean there may be a decrease/blockage in one of the coronary arteries in that part of the heart muscle.

There are other reasons why your doctor may request a Stress Echo – for example, checking valve function under stress, measuring changes in pressure on the heart during stress, and sometimes obtaining licenses and other purposes. There is a complete list of reasons why this test was performed.

Before Testing

There are usually a few instructions given before testing, for example, which medications you should take to get tested. If you have not been given such instructions, please contact your doctor. You do not need to fast, but it is good not to overeat before the test. As you will be exercising, comfortable clothing and walking shoes are best. Wear so that the top is split and can be easily removed.

How Is Testing Performed?

In most cases, you will be greeted by the Depression Specialist, who will take you to a separate preparation room. Here you will be asked to undress until you reach your waist. The specialist will then place ECG electrodes on your chest and back after rubbing the skin with a light biting brush and an alcohol swab. For men with long hair, they may need to cut their hair.

The issue of waste circumference can sometimes be a concern for female patients for many reasons. With the heart lying directly on the left breast area, correct and precise access is needed to perform a heart ultrasound – both at rest and after exercise. However, please ensure that this can interfere with the ultrasound scan and result in a completely blank test leading to a complete re-examination.

After the ECG electrodes are placed on the chest, you will be given one disposable garment to wear. This will be discarded after testing. All materials are used only once. You may have to wait in this room for a few minutes before being taken to the stress room.

You can find two other health professionals when you are taken to a stress test room. One is a doctor, and the other is an Echo specialist performing a heart ultrasound. Sometimes a Cardiologist will do an ultrasound himself. In this room, your ECG electrodes will be connected to an ECG monitor, and after that, you will be asked to lie down on the bed for the first ultrasound imaging. These are called relaxation images. Your blood pressure will be measured several times during the test, while your ECG will be monitored throughout the procedure.

After the Test

After a few more minutes during the stress test echocardiogram Sydney, the ECG monitor will be disconnected, and the ECG electrodes will be removed. You will be given tissue paper to clean your sweat and the gel used by Echo Tech. At this stage, the Cardiologist will then look at the pictures and inform you of the result. If the result is abnormal, they may call and notify your referring physician. Then, he will interpret and tell you about the results according to your tests.


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