Why Can’t Angel Juicer 5500 Be Beaten On Quality?

Angel Juicer Extractor

The angel juicer 5500 has earned a well-deserved reputation as the industry’s best. From a technological sense, this is understandable in many respects. Depending on the model, they provide:

  • Unrivalled build quality.
  • A sturdy and dependable dual gear design.
  • A few more unique features.

Angel 5500

The angel 5500 is a common material in kitchen equipment and is linked with excellent quality and longevity. This is typically true, and a stainless steel appliance, particularly an Angel juicer, may be anticipated to last longer. Unlike many other machines, crucial components are made of stainless steel.

Dual Drivetrains Feed on the Screen Cover for Chute Body Casing

Aside from its high build quality, the angel juicer Angelia 5500 is made of antibacterial stainless steel. This antimicrobial characteristic makes the juicing process more hygienic by removing any pesticides that may be present on the components’ surfaces. Finally, all elements of the Angel 8500 are surgical stainless steel, assuring consistent quality throughout the juicer.

A Hundred Per Cent Optimal Juicing Output

Because of technological advancements, many juicers now create high-quality juice. On the other hand, other juicers fall just shy of the Angel range no matter how high they go. So, in terms of extraction, what separates a super angel juicer from the rest of the juicers on the market?

Under Pressure Ingredients

The angel slow juicer can apply far more pressure to foods than any other juicer because of the stainless-steel juicing components. Because the all-metal twin gears have no fragile plastic pieces, they can be pushed to new limits and create substantially greater pressure between them. The Angel then presses the components together, crushing the juice and leaving behind a bone-dry pulp. An Angel juicer can generate 15 to 25% more juice than any other juicer today.

Angel Juicer 5500

Quality of Juice

The juice output and quality of the juicer are its primary selling factors. There’s no doubt about that. It extracts more liquid than any other juice extractor on the market because of its twin gears with a hairline spacing. The angel cold press juicer spins at 82 RPM, which is excellent for reducing nutrient oxidation or degradation. Finally, it includes a built-in cooling system to keep your juice fresh. The juice produced by Super Angel Juicers is richer in color and tastes better due to this technology.

Super Angel Juicer Add-Ons

With these add-ons, the super angel 5500 juicer may be transformed into a grinder and puree machine. The disadvantage is that if it is not included in your selected model, you must purchase it separately. It contains tiny pores that enable little bits of pulp to be present in the juice, allowing you to produce a soft fruit puree. Tofu, nut butter, and frozen fruit sorbet may be made with the blank or grinding housing. Small-batch processing can also be done using the regular screen housing.

Is Investing In Angel Juicer A Good Idea?

Angel Juicer offers all of the bells and whistles that other juicers lack. You are protected from toxic substances such as Bisphenol a (BPA) and other difficult-to-pronounce compounds since no plastic components are in touch with your goods. While this gorgeous equipment is excellent, the price should be considered. But if you have the money, I’m not going to stop you from purchasing this high-end juice extractor. The angel juice extractor is more costly than other cold press juicers. The construction quality is evident from the outside, but the quality and amount of juice extracted are critical. The angel juicer, for example, excels in juicing leafy greens, pomegranates, wheatgrass, beetroot, ginger, broccoli, and kale, all of which juice readily and leave only the driest pulp left. Other juicers may look to be toys after using the angel juicer. It’s the juicer for juicing fans! The 5500 Model juices use the same 3hp solid engine as the other Angel Juicers.

Twin Gear Size and Strength

The twin gears on this juicer are more giant and more durable than those on other twin gear juicers. Because of the strength and design of the bags and the ultra-strong motor, you can extract more nutrients from meals. The angel juicer is the only juicer capable of removing the whole, nutritious content of seeds, including a variety of vital nutrients and antioxidants.

In Australia, Where Can I Get An Angel Juicer?

Wellness United is owned and run in Australia by an experienced local Naturopath. This is where you may get a good deal on an angel twin gear juicer.


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