Why The Services Of Nursing Home Dental Are Important?

Nursing home dental

Why The Services Of Nursing Home Dental Are Important?

Oral health affects our health directly and quality of life. Oral disease is a primary cause of emergency and medical room visits. Medications and common chronic diseases in older adults, such as heart disease or diabetes, but older people are at greater risk for dental problems. Nursing home dental services are important to protect the oral health of seniors.

However, access to advanced dental care continues to be a challenge to the benefits of dental care. They end when you retire, and Medicare does not cover general dental care. Lack of mobility, other cognitive problems, loss of age-related memory, and physical disabilities may result in poor dental health in older adults and loss of dentist employment.

Proper dental care can help prevent common problems, such as gum disease, toothache, and tooth loss. Healthy teeth also help older people enjoy food and eat better.

Seven Reasons to Make Adult Dental Care A Priority

Tooth decay. Bacterial plaque damages the plaque and causes cavities. One of the reasons older adults are at increased risk of developing pores is dry mouth. Saliva helps reduce germs and protect teeth, but dry mouth results from certain drugs commonly taken by adults, such as asthma, antidepressants, and high blood pressure.

Gum disease. Severe gum disease, also called periodontitis, can lead to chewing problems, pain, bleeding gums, and tooth loss, among other health problems. Unfortunately, majority of them do not even know that they have gum disease because it does not cause symptoms until the disease develops. Proper dental care and proper check-ups can prevent gum disease.

Tooth loss is common in older adults. Loss of teeth may affect nutrition because older people with lost teeth may not eat or enjoy new eating options, such as fruits and vegetables.

Heart disease. Inflammation and disturbance which are caused by teeth disease increases heart disease. Gum disease can make certain heart conditions worse and may be associated with an increased risk of stroke.

Diabetes. People who cannot control their blood sugar are at greater risk for dental problems, such as gum disease and inflammation. This is due to too much glucose in the saliva helps bacteria grow in the mouth. Gum disease appears to affect sugar control in people with diabetes.

Pneumonia. Older adults with dental hygiene, especially those who smoke, are at greater risk for bacterial pneumonia. As a person breathes, the germs in the mouth can travel to the lungs. Maintaining good dental hygiene in older adults who cannot take care of themselves may help reduce the risk of this type of pneumonia.


How To Improve Dental Health in Adults?

There are steps you should consider to help an older loved one maintain good dental health:

Remind your loved one to mix twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. A soft, electric toothbrush can make toothpaste easier.

If your parent forgets, help them to set reminders. If you are caring for someone who can maintain good dental health, it is important to make sure your teeth are clean.

Remind your parent to be consistent. The daily flow of water helps prevent gum disease and plaque. If your parent has a problem with floating, talk to your dentist about other tools or techniques that can help.

Keep dentures clean. Remind your parent to clean or remove part of the dentures daily and remove them at night.

Schedule regular dentist visits. Regular appointments to the Nursing home dental services can help prevent dental problems and keep your teeth healthy.


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