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Why Use Dual Axle Trailer Brisbane from Austrailers Queensland?

A dual axle trailer Brisbane is an excellent option for hauling heavy loads, and this trailer helps you use your car to transport large items and save money. It is also easy to maneuver and tow because it has two axles and four wheels. The best part about using a dual axle trailer is that it can easily carry anything from small cargo containers to boats, recreational vehicles (RVs) or even cars.

Benefits Of Using Dual Axle Trailers

Dual Axle Trailers Are The Ultimate Solution For Owners Of Small Cars, Which Could Develop Problems When Carrying Large Loads

A dual axle trailer is an ultimate solution for owners of small cars, which develop problems when carrying large loads. With a double axle trailer, you can load up to 3 times more than on a single axle trailer. This means that if you have a 4×4 car or SUV and want to carry some heavy items like camping gear or tools, this is the best option. It will help save space inside your vehicle while maintaining the goods comfortably.

The weight capacity of this type of trailer depends on its length and width. But all models generally have an upper limit of around 7 tons (6 tons). This means if your car weighs less than 7 tons, it should be no problem loading it onto one end while driving along highway speeds.

However, if it weighs more than 7 tons, then make sure not drive too fast; otherwise, one side may collapse under its own weight! The maximum payload per axle varies slightly between manufacturers. But most are around 2 tons which makes sense given how much harder it would be trying to tow something twice its size!

It Is Also Best for People Who Want to Travel Across the Country and Carry More Luggage Than Is Possible with a Conventional Trailer

The dual axle trailer is also a boon for people who want to travel across the country and carry more luggage than is possible with a conventional trailer. With the extra space that comes from having two axles, you can load up your car or truck with everything you need for your trip. Still have room left over to park at campgrounds along the way.

The dual axle trailer’s versatility makes it an ideal choice for many kinds of adventures:

  • Travelling across Australia by car or train (or both)
  • Camping in remote locations with access only by foot
  • Exploring national parks without having to worry about finding lodging each night
A Dual Axle Trailer Delivers a Good Performance both as a Small Cargo Carrier and As an Enclosed Trailer

A dual axle trailer performs well as a small cargo carrier and an enclosed trailer. The reason is that it has two axles, each of the same size. They can carry heavy loads without straining the chassis or tires.

The rear wheel on a dual axle trailer is more significant than its front wheel because there are two instead of one. This allows you to pull heavier loads at higher speeds than those who use single-axle trailers would be able to do with their smaller rear wheels alone. It also makes it easier to go over rough terrains such as off-road and gravel roads.

With A Dual Axle Trailer, You Can Easily Transport Golf Carts, Motorbikes and Even Vehicles Like SUVs

With a dual axle trailer, you can easily transport golf carts, motorbikes and even vehicles like SUVs.

Dual axle trailers are great for hauling heavy loads because they have more than one wheel on each side of the trailer. Thus, it allows carrying much more weight than single-axle trailers with just one revolution per side.

The best way to determine if a vehicle needs to be transported by an extra set of wheels is by checking whether it has four or three tires. Suppose your truck only has three tires. Then it won’t fit into any dual axle trailer because there would be no room for another set of wheels under its frame!

The 4-Wheel Drive Feature of This Trailer Makes It Very Suitable for Hauling Heavy Loads

There are different reasons why you should consider using a dual axle trailer for hauling heavy loads.

The 4-wheel drive feature of this trailer makes it very suitable for hauling heavy loads. The high ground clearance and low centre of gravity allow you to pull large loads without any problems. This is especially true if your load includes items that have been transported in trucks before.

High cornering ability means less stress on your vehicle when pulling large trailers over rough terrain or narrow roads. More control over how much force applies to the tow vehicle during highway driving conditions with an SUV or sedan car. Good handling makes it easier for drivers who aren’t used to driving big rigs regularly. They won’t need as much practice before hitting the road again after taking their first trip behind one! Good braking performance means fewer injuries caused by accidents while trying unsuccessfully to stop quickly enough before hitting something else, which might cause damage both inside AND outside their vehicle if struck hard enough.

Dual Axle Trailers Are Great For Hauling Heavy Loads

Dual axle trailers are great for hauling heavy loads. They offer the same features as a single axle trailer but with twice the capacity and weight capacity.

The dual axle trailer has two axles at each end of the vehicle frame. These axles are connected by a kingpin that allows them to rotate independently of each other as needed when transporting heavy cargo or passengers along its length. Suppose you have enough room on both sides of your vehicle to fit two different wheel sets into place. In that case, you’ll be safe from any potential damage!

Suppose something happens during transportation that causes one wheel set to fall off just before reaching its destination. Then, the other set will remain firmly attached so that nothing falls off while travelling over bumpy terrain.


We use dual axle trailers from Austrailers Queensland because they are better for everyone involved. It’s safer, more efficient, and easier on the environment. Thus, we hope this article has helped you understand why we use dual axle trailers in our fleet.

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